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About Us

We are a not-for-profit club of military collectors, re-enactors and enthusiasts, from all walks of life, who collect, trade, sell and deal both genuine and replica militaria from all theatres of war from all countries of origin.

We hold club meets every month to discuss club affairs, interests, upcoming events and displays. 

These are catered with food provided by each club member, and always an entertaining night with good company of like-minded individuals. 

Each meet is themed e.g. one meet may have a theme of helmets, where everyone brings along helmets from their collection (original or replica), to display and if interested sell/trade. 

We are always looking for new members to expand our club and build on our displays, and reputation.

If you have any questions or inquiries please Contact us here

You may also find our Facebook social page in the link at the bottom of the page where members from close and afar have the opportunity to socialize, sell/trade and just have a chat outside of the meets and club environment. 

Our Work

We, as a club outside our social meets and gatherings, also provide displays at any event to which we are invited  and/or find may be applicable for us to attend as a club. e.g. school fetes, car shows, charity events, military events, annual shows and festivals etc., to display our collections and share our collective knowledge as a military group of all theatres of war past and present. 

We have a wide and ever-growing member base of civilians, current servicemen, ex-servicemen and relatives of current or former servicemen. 

At these displays we also provide the public with an opportunity to donate to either the Legacy foundation, the Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia, or our club in general, as we STRONGLY believe that being a military club we hold a responsibility to look after those that have served, fallen or been wounded in any call of duty or service and the families affected therein. 

Should you be interested in obtaining information, visiting or displaying at and event, donating or sponsoring our club or any organisation affiliated with us please feel free to contact us by the above link.

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Join Us

Whether you are a lifetime collector or a new enthusiast, we invite you to join us. We welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm from members and volunteers, new and old.

 E-mail: info.nqmrc@gmail.com   

 Facebook: North Queensland Military Re-enactors and Collectors (NQMRC)   

 Townsville, Queensland

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